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Note: You can write us for commercial use of our API's on info@marketingdukaan.com.

Device detection is a technique for identifying devices accessing online content. Knowledge of visiting devices is an essential asset for all businesses who want to maximize revenues from their websites and online services. It powers various aspects of web optimization, user experience, targeted advertising and device-aware web analytics tools.

Based on entries in the device database, a solution such as DeviceAtlas can report on the characteristics of visiting devices with an API, and this can be used for any purpose which requires device awareness. Read on to better understand how it works, what it’s used for, and how it’s deployed.

We have REST API to get device details. Click here to get API Documentation


JSON Compare helps to Compare and find diff in JSON data. It also provides different view which helps to find different in your JSON data.

  • It helps to Compare and find proper different in JSON Code, JSON files.
  • It's also a JSON Beautify your compare Data.
  • You can also download your JSON Data.
  • Directly copy JSON Data and paste when you want.
  • You can undo and redo your changes.
  • Try with our sample data.
  • REST API available to compare JSON data . Check here full api documentaion.
  • ** JSON Compare working proper in Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge and it's Free.